Minisink Tennis
"Join our award winning program." 
Twice named the NJJTA Outstanding Club of the Year (2012,2014) 

We strive to offer clinics and events for all ages and abilities. Be sure to check this page frequently for the most up to date tennis offerings our program provides. 

Tiny Tennis (Ages 4)
It’s never too early to get on a tennis court, and last summers success
with this program proves that!These clinics are designed
for our youngest group of tennis players looking to get
their first ever 
Experience on a tennis court.  There will be BASIC instruction with more of an introduction using
small mini games, and tennis related activities. Due to the age of this clinic
only 4 spots will be available per session

Kiddie Tennis- (Ages 7 and U)
This program is designed to teach the game of tennis in a fun and non-intimidating manner.
For the majority of the clinic's foam or quick start tennis balls will be used until no longer.
This is the perfect entry level clinic for your child aged between 5-7 years old

Rising Stars (Ages 10 and U)
Ideal for players who have a beginning tennis foundation. Tennis instruction will be
provided in a comfortable and non-competitive manner. There will be a focus on
correct technique, consistency, and learning the basic element of play. Participants will be sure to
have a fun session packed with energy!

Jr Aces (Ages 10-13)
This clinic designed for players who have beginner to intermediate skill ability.
Fundamentals will be used to refine technique and provide instruction through live ball play.
This is the perfect offering for youth player’s eager to play tennis and feel moderately
comfortable with racquet related activities. 

Aces (Ages 12-14)
Another step along the tennis ladder these clinics will engage in point play and
advanced stroke production. In the spring these clinics will focus on shaking of the rust
and progressing up the tennis ladder. As they progress, participants should feel
comfortable playing points and keeping five to six balls in play.

JV Training (Ages 15+)This level is designed to elevate a moderately developed game.
Players who participate in this clinic should be comfortable keeping ten-twelve shots in play and play
competitive sets on their own This is a perfect offering for players on any level of high school tennis

looking to achieve the next level