Dear Members,

I am pleased to welcome you back to Minisink for the 2016 season.  This marks the start of another season of our continued commitment to providing an exceptional membership experience.

Reflecting on 2015 season I am very satisfied with the accomplishments and changes implemented across the club. Our summer camp continues to be a success, our paddle program participation numbers have reached an all time high, and members seem to be utilizing our club more then ever. Your support and visibility has allowed us to reinvest in our club with aspirations of having a fourth paddle court and new paddle hut within the next 1-2 years

We begin the year with many objectives but none more important than continuing to enhance your membership experience. New this year you will find a revamped social calendar, a brand new tennis calendar, and an overall increase in club offerings. On the third Friday of every month (3FM) we will be hosting a light cocktail party on the tennis deck and you will find a tennis social every second Friday throughout the summer. One of our primary goals this year is increasing our club offerings and we look forward to obtaining your feedback at year’s end.

As you enter the club for the first time this summer you will see both new and familiar faces. I am pleased to announce Gary Burns will be returning as our lead pool manager supported by two strong assistant managers. I am also pleased to announce that Courtney will be returning as our swim coach with a strong supporting cast for another season. Courtney is currently the head swim coach at FDU and she is eager to continue to transfer her knowledge to our youth swimmers! Lastly, we are pleased to have hired a new camp director Claudia Hernandez who joins us with a professional backround in education. Please extend a warm welcome when you see her around the club.

Within our racquets program we are pleased to announce that Ari Ash will be rejoining Minisink as our lead racquets professional.  He is excited to assume oversight of our adult programs and continue to elevate our program. Alyssa Guider will be returning for her ninth year at Minisink and will be responsible for our junior tennis program. We have a lot in store on the tennis front this year so be sure to keep an eye out for important communications!

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, our objective remains to increase club utilization and visibility of our membership.  Being a member at Minisink is a unique experience unlike any other membership you may be a part of. As evident from last summer you will not find another club in the area with such a close knit community.  Whether you join us for Sunday BBQ’s or compete in weekly corn toss tournaments, or simply are looking for a pick game of tennis I encourage you to make the most of your membership and utilize all aspects of our facility.

Looking ahead to the upcoming year, I am confident that at Minisink, we will continue to evolve while still placing a strong hold on our tradition and values.   A critical component to our success is membership involvement and communication.  I strongly value your feedback and I am always seeking suggestions. If at any point throughout the year there is anything we can do to assist you, the door of communication is wide open.

Looking forward to seeing you at the club this summer.

Alex McDonald
General Manager