In 2022, Minisink is asking members to purchase pre-paid gift cards for the Snack Shack. One reason in repsonse from members asking for limits on what their children are spending at the Snack Shack. Another reason is given the credit card processing fees, the very small orders (e.g. bag of chips, soda, ice cream) was costing the club in some cases up to 20% of the order total in credit card fees.

Yes – when the gift card is redeemed, a receipt will be sent to the email of the billing member on file.  On the receipt you will see itemized details of what was purchased as well as the remaining balance of the gift card.

No credit card or gift card data is stored on Minisink server.  All of the data is stored on Square, which is used by millions of small businesses.  You can read more about Square security on their website.

The credit card creation is using Square software so it is completely secure.  Anything on the gift card page is using secure https communication when sending information to Square.  Since the credit card will be stored on Square, no credit card data is collected or transmitted when adding money to your gift card.

When the gift card is used, you will see the remaining balance on the receipt.  You can go to gift card page and select the option to add money.  Coming soon will be the ability to setup an auto load amount.

  1. I logged into the Gift Card page, but I don’t see my email or name.
    • This is likely due to a syncing issue between the club database and Square’s application.  Please contact Brian Klatt for assistance.
  2. I ordered a gift card, but I don’t see it in the Gift Card Page
    • It might be a disconnect between the email of the billing account member and the email put in when ordering the gift card.  Please contact Brian Klatt for assistance.

In the application, a paddle clinic is created as an event.  There are three ways to get to see event information.

  1. Click on Events menu which will take you to a list of the upcoming events.  Click on the hyperlink for the clinic.
  2. Click on Calendar menu which will take you to a calendar view of the upcoming events.  Click on the event for the clinic.
  3. On the Home page, under Calendar section, you will see the next three events.  Click on the hyperlink for the clinic.

Once you within the event, you will see a list of the upcoming dates.  You will need to fill out the form to sign up for the clinic.  You will need to be logged in to access this form.

Email For Confirmation: this will default to the logged in user email, but can be changed if you would like the confirmation to go to a different email address.

Clinics: click on the Add Clinic button.  A popup will appear where you can select the date and the member within your account who will be signing up for the clinic.  Click Submit and you will return to the main page.  You are able to add multiple clinics to sign up multiple people or for multiple dates.

After adding the clinic(s), enter credit card information, click on the Captcha and click submit.

The email in the field above will receive a confirmation email as will Oleg.

In order to make a reservation you must be logged into the portal.  When you login you will be taken to the Manage Account page.  If you are already logged in and in a different part of the website, click on Membership – Manage Account.

Once in the Manage Account page, click on Reservations – My Reservations to show you a list of upcoming reservations for your account.  This is where you can edit or cancel an existing reservation.

Click on Reservations – Make Reservation to see the calendar of availability.  It will default to today.  You can use the arrows to move to next / previous day or click on the date if you want to quickly go to a specific date.  When there is availability, you will see “1 Spot Remaining”.  Click on “1 Spot Remaining” which will bring up a popup window.  This will allow you to select the member and the member email for emails.  Click Book It and you will see a confirmation.

When trying to make a reservation, you might see the names greyed out.  It is likely for one of the reasons below.

  • Reservations can be made one week in advance
  • Members can only book one reservation per day
  • Members cab only book 4 reservations per week (defined as Sunday to Saturday)

Guests can purchase using a credit card at the Snack Shack.  Currently, only credit and debit cards are accepted.  We are looking to see if we can accept contactless payment methods in the future.

You should have received an email from Membership at Minisink Club back in November.  That will include the username and default password.  After logging in for the first time, you will be required to change your password.  The default username was the email of the primary billing contact, which can also be updated in the Manage Account page.

If you are having issues logging in please send an email to

With the new portal, we attempted to transfer the data as seamlessly as possible.  We will need each account to go in and validate your data.

  • The email with the initial username and password went to the email address of the billing contact for each family.  In some cases, it was not 100% sure who was the billing contact, so we took the best guess
  • There is currently only one login per family so family members will need to share the same login/password
  • After you log in for the first time, you will be able to change your username
  • Please confirm the address, emails and phone numbers are correct for all family members.  If they are not correct you can edit as needed.
  • Please upload a recent photo for each family member which will be used during pool checkins next summer.
  • In the old system, it was possible to have multiple emails for one user.  This is not possible in the new system, so in those cases, one email was chosen for each person
  • If you choose to have your account information (email and cell phone) available in the Online Directory ensure Include In Online Directory is selected.  This is not selected by default.  If you choose to be included, only adult members will be displayed.