The Management Staff of the Minisink Swim and Racquet Club reserves the right to adopt additional or supplemental rules as needed.  All rules will be posted throughout the pool facility and strictly enforced at all times. 

  1. All members and their guests must conform to these rules and regulations. Members and their guests must also follow pool staff instructions and requests. Any misunderstandings or objections should be brought to the attention of the management staff immediately. Interpretation and enforcement of all rules shall be at the discretion of the pool management staff.
  2. The “pool area,” for the purpose of these rules, means the fenced-in area enclosing the pool facility, the locker room and changing area, and the parking area.
  3. All persons using the pool facilities do so at their own risk. The Minisink Swim and Racquet Club will not be responsible for any accident or injury or loss of personal property.
  4. Members or guests who damage, misuse, or abuse pool property or other property on pool premises will be liable for the cost of the damage involved and may be subject to permanent suspension from the pool and/or criminal prosecution.
  5. Pool Management may close all or any portion of the pool facility at any time for necessary reasons including, but not limited to: inclement weather, swim meets, social functions, or for reasons of health and safety of the members and staff at the Minisink Swim and Racquet Club.
  6. Only trained and certified service animals are permitted at the facility. No other animals are permitted on premises.
  7. Members cannot be on the pool deck or grass picnic areas prior to the weekday pool opening.
  8. Children must turn 13 by the end of the summer to be at the club unattended. Children 16 and over are able to act as a caregiver to children. Children that are 13 and over can act as a caregiver only to their siblings.