Welcome to the new portal

Short Version:
We have a single system for member portal, court reservations and front desk management.
What all members need to do:
Log in and confirm your family’s information was transferred accurately.
What paddle players looking to make reservations need to do:
Start using the new system for all reservations for November 1 and forward.
Long Version:
Based on feedback from members, the board has been exploring new alternatives for applications we use at Minisink.  As most people know, there has been room for improvement in our existing applications.  Based on feedback that we have heard from members, such as why do we have a separate system for court reservations or how can you make it easier to sign up for an event, as well as some challenges our staff was having in using the systems, we are migrating to a new application that is designed specifically for a swim and tennis clubs.
Among the many benefits include:
  • Better check-in capabilities for front desk staff
  • Improved membership setup options
  • Better view into court scheduling
  • Simpler, easier to use forms – both to fill out and navigation to find the sign-ups easier
  • Easier way to post information to our website
  • Single system to manage users and payments
  • Overall reduction in Minisink expenses in migrating to the new application
  • Ability to look into some new features in this new application (such as pre-paid guest passes/snack bar credits)
We were able to migrate the majority of the data into the new system.  However, we need each of you to go in and validate the data for your family was transferred accurately.  An email will come membership@minisinkclub.com (might need to check your Spam filters if you do not see it) with your username and temporary password.  After you sign in for the first time you will be required to update your password.  
A few notes about this process:
  • The email will go to the email address of the billing contact for each family.  In some cases, it was not 100% sure who was the billing contact, so we took the best guess
  • There is currently only one login per family so family members will need to share the same login/password
  • After you log in for the first time, you will be able to change your username
  • Please confirm the address, emails and phone numbers are correct for all family members.  If they are not correct you can edit as needed.
  • Please upload a recent photo for each family member which will be used during pool checkins next summer.
  • In the old system, it was possible to have multiple emails for one user.  This is not possible in the new system, so in those cases, one email was chosen for each person
We will be using this system shortly for paddle court reservations AND December event sign-ups. More information will be out soon.
Note: If you have resigned from the club and have received confirmation from me – this does not apply to you.